Lately I have been getting so many messages of people asking me where I get my motivation. “Hey Steph, just wondering how you stay motivated?” or “I always seem to fall off the bandwagon, how do you keep it up?”. Honestly, I think I’ve answered this question differently every time someone asked me because I don’t really know how to answer it. And is my little spiel about motivation really going to change your lifestyle and turn you into Mr. or Mrs. Motivation? I don’t think so. Everyone has different reasons for working out, or being into fitness. Some people want to lose 10lbs, some people want to gain muscle, some people want to run farther, some people want to do hold a handstand for half an hour. For me, initially yes, it was to lose weight. Then it turned into me wanting to gain muscle. But along the way I have fallen in love with so many types of fitness. Yes, I have physical goals such as wanting to build more muscle, but ultimately, the reason I am so motivated is because I love it. I love training. I love yoga. I love Pilates. I love lifting weights. I love sprinting. I love doing burpees. I love feeling stronger. I love feeling good. I am consistently active because I like it. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it. Simple.

So, instead of asking me how I stay motivated, why don’t you ask yourself? Why do you want to workout? Why aren’t you working out? What’s stopping you from working out? Why don’t you go get some pizza?

I don’t know the answer to the questions you need to ask yourself.



One thought on “Motivation

  1. Also its not per say ” motivation” I think its finding something you love and making time to do it. When you love doing it then theres no real reason not to do it. Rather than workouts itself (on a personal level) I love to sweat I feel confident and more happier if I see the sweat dripping off of me. Therefore I do all activities that leave me sweaty. Also in stretching I love the feeling of that pull so thats why I do a lot of yoga and such. 🙂 ttyl

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