Thoughts About Eating Out

Eating at a restaurant is one of my favourite things to do – and nope, it’s not because of the food, it’s because when I’m going out for dinner I’m usually going with my family and/or friends. It’s fun, it’s a ways of socializing, a way of enjoying each others company, it’s relaxed, you get to dress up, you get to enjoy the environment, you get to be served and catered to. Dining is an experience.

Years before I started my new lifestyle, I would hit up McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Burger King, etc. on a regular basis. I would order a Big Mac and fries and a diet pop (LOL). I did this 2, 3 maybe even 4 times a week. During the process of eating I was like “Omg this is so good”. 5 minutes later – all regrets. But yet I kept going back. WHY?

Because it was what everyone else was doing. Almost like I would let people down if I said “No, I don’t want to go to McDonalds” or I felt like I was being judged if I said no. Complete subtle peer pressure. Even at a restaurant where I could eat healthier options – everyone else was getting the huge entrees and in my mind I wanted a chicken breast salad, or the salmon with fresh vegetables. I was struggling to find the confidence to actually order it. WHY?


Because again, no one else was eating it, so I felt like I couldn’t.

Looking back, I laugh. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I know what is good for me, what makes me feel healthy and I know what I want. So, I no longer get frustrated or dread going to eat out with friends or family. I love it because I get to spend time with people I love, but I also love it because I can be picky and I can order what I want.

This means if I want the dressing on the side, I’m going to ask for it on the side. This means if I want a cheesecake dessert, then damn right I’m going to get cheesecake.

Eating keeps you alive, yes. But it is a lot more than that. It is about feeding your soul with happiness and healthiness. It’s about trusting yourself and fueling your body with what it wants mentally and physiologically.

This goes for anything in life. Be strong and confident enough to do what makes YOU happy. Don’t ever do anything for someone else. Be your own person. Make your own decisions. Soon enough you might even positively influence others to do the same.



3 thoughts on “Thoughts About Eating Out

  1. How do you gain the strength to say no to bad foods, I can eat healthy as long as no one offeres me bad food or I dont have any laying around.(but it seems like there is always someone offering me ‘goods’) Is there any tips and/or tricks you can give me.

    • Honestly, I used to be like that too! But I was really determined to eat better for my goals, so I stuck with it for a long time and then it became a habit. I don’t crave a lot of the bad foods anymore and I think about things before I eat them. I also don’t deprive myself – I keep myself full and eat a variety of foods I like so I don’t feel the need to always indulge in bad foods. Remember to treat yourself every so often! Food is meant to be enjoyed “good” or “bad”. Just remember too much of anything isn’t good! Hope that helps.

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